Restaurants & Tales by Reha Tanör - Book Review

Restaurants & Tales by Reha Tanor
Reha Tanor’s culinary infused short stories, a new chapter in his journey after his successful multi-faceted life as an entrepreneur, investor, professor and a loving father/husband. The globetrotter digs interesting details up from his rich past inspired by his dining experience at some of the best restaurants in the world from Tokyo’s Omotesando Hills to Modena’s Osteria Francescana.
Restaurants & Tales is a delightful, entertaining and sensory exploration of restaurants and thoughts from an extraordinary man and excellent writer, Reha Tanor. Through his intriguing and amusing short anecdotes, readers will be taken on a culinary and sensual journey filled with colorful places, people and conversations. This book is about food, but more than that it is about the full culinary and dining experience. Reha Tanor states that he is not that curious about food in itself. But, rather the ambiance and all that he can observe and take in. In his book he tells of many extraordinary and enjoyable dining experiences. He shares about the scenery of the restaurant, its atmosphere, the customers, servers, smells, tastes and all the great conversations.
Restaurants & Tales held me captive from the very first page. It is filled with the most interesting stories of the author’s experiences while dining around the world. The people he has met, the conversations and humorous tales will keep readers fully engaged and turning the pages while savoring every word. Reading about these tales are, not only inspiring, but informative as well.
His many personal thoughts while dining all over the world will interest and impress readers. This book is magnificent and written with finesse and intelligence. This is a one of a kind book about dining out at exclusive, intriguing and enchanting restaurants worldwide. It is filled with positive philosophical thoughts, gastronomy and the beauty and randomness of life and the dining experience. Reha Tanor has certainly lived a rich, interesting, fulfilling and beautiful life. This book is perfect for those who have a passion for life, dining and travel. Reha Tanor, eloquently shares his impressive, entertaining tales and observations, with a wide range and variety of restaurants and dining places to tell about.
Restaurants & Tales by Reha Tanor is a brilliant, clever book and way to convey the author’s personal perspective on life by combining rich memories with dining experiences from some of the best restaurants around the world. This book is filled with ideas of great restaurants and places to visit and enjoy. A wonderful gem for short story lovers. It is easy to read, fascinating, delightful and a must read 5 star book.
Reviewed by Sophie Rose for Artisan Book Reviews
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Ghosters by Diana Corbitt - Book Review

Ghosters by Diana Corbitt
One day, Theresa’s mom dies.
The next, money problems force her family out of their home.
Life has definitely taken a downward turn for the twelve-year-old. But then she meets Kerry, and their friendship quickly grows.
Although obsessed with the paranormal, Kerry has never seen a real ghost. But when she hears how the powdered sugar Theresa had been combing the kitchen to find just magically flopped out of the cupboard she’d already looked in three times, she proposes they solve both their problems by entering the Ghosters video contest.
And why not?
Kerry has the ghost hunting equipment, and after seeing the dining room curtains close in front of them, Theresa and her autistic brother, Joey, know their new house is definitely haunted.
So, we’ve got three kids exploring a creepy old mansion. What could happen?
A lot.
That’s just the beginning of this paranormal mystery series.
Ghosters by Diana Corbitt is an entertaining, suspenseful, creepy and engaging mystery and ghost story that children will revel in and, be unable to put down. The story follows a young girl, Theresa, whose mother has recently passed away. Along with her autistic brother, Joey, they are forced to move into their deceased grandparent’s ancient, huge and boring house. The neighbors believe the house to be haunted, but the kids don’t believe in ghosts. They are disheartened by their situation. That is until, things take a turn when Theresa meets a new friend, Kerry. And, Kerry does believe in ghosts, and has accumulated much ghost hunting equipment. When creepy unsound occurrences begin to happen in the old house, the kids decide to enter the Ghosters video contest. That’s when they start to discover that this old house is not that boring and could really be haunted after all. What ensues is a suspenseful, chilling and eye-opening adventure for these three kids.
Ghosters by Diana Corbitt is a fantastic, suspenseful read for children that love the paranormal and ghosts. It is well written, easy to read and flows nicely. It explores the hardships of losing a parent, childhood struggles, the difficulties, beauty and importance of friendship and autism. This book is intended for children ages 9-12 and grades 4-7, but as an adult, I found it to be fun, engrossing and overwhelmingly entertaining.
Ghosters is thought provoking, humorous and captivating, as well. With surprises around every corner, these three kids are on quite a journey and adventure. It is an exciting tale about ghosts, mystery, friendship and adventure. There are family secrets to be discovered, along with self-discovery. This book held me mesmerized from the first chapter to the very satisfying end that has a shocking twist. I was always intrigued and wanting to know what I would discover next. What would happen next? What would the children find next? What will happen to them? Ghosters by Diana Corbitt is definitely one of the best children’s mystery, suspense and paranormal books I have ever read. It is so much more than just a ghost story. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends it. Children will love it. Get your child a copy, you won’t be disappointed and they will certainly be delighted.
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Shattered Moon by Renata Lanzoni - Book Review

Shattered Moon: When a romantic dream turns into a nightmare by Renata Lanzoni
Shattered Moon is based on a true story. The book explores the heights of an unexpected romance, the lows of despair and the terrors of violent abuse. The purpose of the book is to show you are not going crazy, you are not alone and that there is hope on the other side of pain. An Oxford graduate, lawyer, dependable mother, Maddy has been living a secluded life since her teenage son ran away from home three years ago. Her grief for his loss and her sense of guilt have been plaguing her ever since. When her daughter leaves for university, and her estranged husband announces he is moving abroad, she finds herself without purpose. At 42 she decides it is now time to start living again and accepts her friend’s offer to go away on holiday to Sri Lanka. On the exotic island, she encounters an enticing young man who showers her with unexpected attention. She is swept off her feet by the intensity of his feelings and the effect he has on her. The connection with him is so deep, so sudden and so powerful that she decides to leave her empty life behind and embark on an exciting new adventure.
But the mysterious young man, damaged by a past of suffering and loss, is not what she expects him to be. She finds herself more and more tangled in his web and unable to see a way out. Feeling responsible for his every mood and fiercely protective of him, she fails to recognize the first signs of abuse and only realizes what is really happening to her after months of emotional and physical violence. But the shame and disbelief isolate her from everyone, and she finds herself lonely, utterly sad and fighting against her feelings. The unprecedented rollercoaster of emotions traps her in a toxic and violent relationship. Her life is in danger. Can she save herself? A story of unconditional love, powerful emotions, strong friendships, deep despair and utter terror, hope and resilience. A true account told with the desire to help others find the strength to save themselves and maybe even to recognize early signs of toxic relationships and avoid all the pain and damage they cause. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Amici di Casa Mihiri, a registered charity which is doing a fantastic and thankless job helping and housing women and young girls affected by domestic violence and abuse in Sri Lanka, giving them safety, security, love and hope.
Shattered Moon by Renata Lanzoni is a heartbreaking, beautiful and enlightening story about the horrors of domestic abuse. Based on a true story, it is a must read novel that will take readers to the heights of romance and excitement then straight into the depths of disappointment, tragedy and agonizing terror. The story follows the main character Maddy, a middle aged woman whose eighteen year old son ran away from home three years ago. Her daughter has left for college and her husband has abandoned her by taking off to another country. All alone, she gathers her strength and determination to live again and decides to go to Sri Lanka with her friends. While on the beautiful island she meets a charming, handsome gentleman that quickly sweeps her off her feet. However, things begin to spiral out of control as this new “wonderful” man in her life starts to become toxic and abusive toward Maddy. But, Maddy doesn’t see the signs of abuse that are creeping in and her emotions are all over the place. Her life and emotions flow between love, ecstasy, excitement, terror, fear, horror and ultimately to victory. As I was reading her story, I could feel every single feeling that she was experiencing.
Shattered Moon by Renata Lanzoni sheds light on the terrible and common issue of domestic violence. With both emotional and physical abuse, the author writes of the real horrors these women from all over the world endure. She exposes the, many and various, beginning signs and what to look for in a man that could be a potential abuser. It was fascinating to watch how the abusive relationship developed and evolved. This story will chill the reader’s spine as they read about the severe emotional and life threatening abuse that Maddy went through. It is intense, romantic, violent, entertaining and realistic. From the very first chapter, I was pulled in and fully engaged. Maddy’s life story will draw readers in and reveal the real life dire scenarios of how one can be pulled into a tangled web of love and terror, unable to escape it all because of the emotional rollercoaster the she was forced to ride.
Renata Lanzoni shines light on the subject of domestic abuse like no other author has been able to do. This book will help many to understand the psychological aspects of the whole ordeal and how to avoid the horrible trap from the get go, by recognizing the signs. Maddy just didn’t see it coming, and so it is with many women who become entangled in such a relationship. It became confusing, unescapable, dangerous and life threatening for Maddy.
Author, Renta Lanzoni writes with deep empathy for the abused woman, and her descriptive writing puts the reader directly on the scene experiencing all that is unfolding. I love her unique and interesting writing style which is easy to read, fast paced and electrifying. It is written in short chapters that leave the reader hanging and turning the pages quickly. Her well drawn characters are fully developed, realistic and relatable.
Shattered Moon is a thought provoking, compelling, educational and highly entertaining read. Author, Renata Lanzoni has an original voice and excellent writing skills. Readers will enjoy this book while feeling every emotion from glorious to hellish. Overall, Shattered Moon is a must read, 5 star book filled with meaningfulness, romance, suspense and inspiration. Highly recommended byChick Lit Cafe.
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Stowaway by Darcy Flynn - Book Review

Stowaway by Darcy Flynn
Her identity is hidden … He’s determined to uncover it
Charleston, South Carolina shipping heiress, MIRANDA MERRICK, discovers one of her family’s cargo ships, the Elle Merrick, has suffered multiple attacks by a saboteur. The devious actions have put the company at risk for bankruptcy. Miranda refuses to sit idly and wait for years of hard work to be destroyed. She boards the Elle in hopes of gaining help from her uncle, the ship’s captain, only to discover a stranger at the helm.
In an effort to discover the culprit and save her family’s company, Miranda stows away on the ship – keeping her identity a secret while conducting her own investigation. Making matters more complicated, she finds herself attracted to the new captain, who could very well be the enemy. After all, until she can uncover the truth, everyone is suspect.
Captain NOAH SHEPPARD is hoping to merge his small, cargo shipping line, Clayton Company, with the multinational conglomerate, Merrick Shipping. Upon discovering one of Merrick’s ships has been deliberately and systematically sabotaged by a crew member, he agrees to captain the targeted vessel in hopes of discovering the identity of the saboteur. Once caught and brought to justice, both companies will then be able to close the deal and complete the merger.
Two days into the voyage, Noah discovers a stowaway, and assumes she’s either the saboteur or in league with him. But what Noah didn’t bargain for is having to deal with the mysterious, gorgeous, redhead, who wreaks havoc – not only to his patience, but to his heart.
Stowaway by Darcy Flynn is an adventurous, fun and romantic tale set on the high seas. Miranda Merrick is a Charleston, South Carolina shipping heiress that discovers that one of her family’s ships has been under multiple attacks by a saboteur. Her family is facing bankruptcy and her father wants her to marry for financial gain. But, Miranda has another plan, and decides to board the same ship that has come under attack, the Elle Merrick, and get help from her uncle to conduct her own investigation. However, she falls asleep and the ship takes off for Australia. When she awakes, she finds herself as a stowaway aboard the ship. There is a young handsome new captain and a new crew. Miranda hides her identity and takes a job as a cook and a maid, while trying to discover who the saboteur is. Captain Noah Sheppard has agreed to captain the ship to discover who the saboteur is. He also wants to merge his shipping company with the Merrick Company. Miranda and the captain both suspect one another despite their growing attraction for one another. What ensues is a swashbuckling journey filled with danger, suspense and romance.
Stowaway by Darcy Flynn is a modern day swashbuckling romance filled with uncertainty and mystery on the high seas. Darcy Flynn is an excellent storyteller which reveals itself in this fun contemporary story set on a cargo ship headed for Australia, and that has been attacked and sabotaged many times. The author’s writing proficiency shines through as the story unfolds. The characters are amazing, real and relatable with flaws and strengths. They are well developed, as is, the exciting unforgettable plot. Miranda has a spunky clever personality and the romance between her and Captain Noah Sheppard is stirring and electrifying. Darcy Flynn knows how to keep readers in suspense, guessing who the identity of the saboteur could be. Her descriptive writing creates an edgy atmosphere of intrigue and mystery. She sets the tone well with her use of language and draws readers in from the very first chapter. As the ship crosses the ocean, and danger, romance and suspense ensue, readers will revel in it. This dangerous, exciting, fun and sweet love journey is a must read for all readers of this genre. Get yourself a copy and go on an unforgettable exciting journey with the crew of the Elle Merrick. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Stowaway by Darcy Flynn.
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Noah: True Love Never Dies Carol Denise Mitchell

Noah: True Love Never Dies Carol Denise Mitchell
Noah is a heartbreaking saga about Tiffany Mitchell’s often difficult journey to find love. From the start, Tiffany Mitchell’s road to love took her through dramatic twists and turns that left her thinking that love would be forever out of her reach. In fact, for many years love seemed elusive, like a never-ending pathway to certain disappointment until Tiffany meets a handsome bartender named Noah Crawford and, she falls in love at once. The special event gave Tiffany an immediate attraction to the undisputed possibilities of love, in a moment that would change her whole life. This love raised the bar for others; only, it couldn’t have happened at the worst time, for on the eve that Tiffany meets the “Love of her Life” Noah; it is one day before her wedding day to Piper. Will Tiffany have to walk away from the only man she loves? Or, will she lose it all in one night? Carol Denise Mitchell is one of the few authors who work harder than anyone to pull at those heart strings. In the end, readers will be rooting for love. However, will Tiffany ever end up with Noah? Or, will she lose him forevermore?
Noah: True Love Never Dies by Carol Denise Mitchell is a wonderful story about one woman’s complex search for true love. As a child, Tiffany Mitchell, experiences her first crushes and thinks she is in love. As she matures she is still looking for that one perfect man that she can love intensely and be loved in return. As the years go by, Tiffany’s difficult journey in life and love is filled with twists and turns and always ends in certain disappointment. Love is hard to find for Tiffany. Her endless pursuit for real love and her troubled life is constantly elusive and problematic for her. As she went from one guy to another, they all fell in love with her because she was beautiful, smart and special. Then she meets Piper, and decides to marry him. But, the night before her wedding she meets the man that will become the love of her life, Noah. Will Tiffany back out of the marriage? What follows is a heartbreaking, inspiring and realistic story that is filled with romance and intrigue. I am certain that readers will love, be fully entertained by and revel in, Noah: True Love Never Dies.
Carol Denise Mitchell is a fabulous story teller. Her remarkable, unique writing style drew me in from the very first chapter. I was fully engaged and turned the pages quickly to find out what could possibly happen next. The astounding, and complex, storyline and plot is concise, deep and oh so interesting. The character development is impressive and notable. They are memorable and well developed with interesting personalities and dispositions. Tiffany is a character that readers will connect with and relate to. I was completely absorbed in her story and couldn’t put the book down. This story is a lesson in life and love. It’s about finding that one true love that you’ll never forget and always long for. The language and descriptive writing is vivid and visually satisfying. The ending is fantastic and I was very satisfied. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Noah: True Love Never Dies by Carol Denise Mitchell to all passionate romance readers. Get yourself a copy and escape into a world filled with romance, twists and suspense.
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Beyond the Fall by Diane Scott Lewis - Book Review

Beyond the Fall by Diane Scott Lewis
Tamara Ledbetter, dumped by her arrogant husband, travels to Cornwall, England, to research her ancestors. A trip first planned with her soon-to-be ex. While in a neglected cemetery, she scrapes two fallen headstones together to read what’s beneath, faints, and awakes in 1789. Certain she’s caught in a reenactment, she fast discovers she’s in the year of the French Revolution, grain riots in England, miners out of work, and she’s mistrusted by the young farmer, Colum Polwhele, who’s come to her aid. Can a sassy San Francisco gal survive in this primitive time where women have few rights? Could she fall for Colum, a man active in underhanded dealings that involve stolen grain, or will she struggle to return to her own time before danger stalks them both?
Beyond the Fall by Diane Scott Lewis is a fabulous and compelling, time-travel, romance story that readers will revel in. The story follows Tamara Ledbetter who lives in San Francisco and has just gone through a troublesome divorce. She goes to a cemetery in Cornwall, England, to research her ancestors. While there, she rubs two collapsed headstones together and then passes out. Suddenly, she awakes to find herself in 1789 during the French Revolution. A handsome farmer, Colum Polwhele, shows up to help her. He thinks she is a spy, but he isn’t all that trustful himself, as he is a thief and deals in robbing grain. Can this modern woman live in such a primitive setting without all the contemporary amenities that she took for granted? Or will love prevail?
Beyond the Fall is filled with twists and turns as Tamara’s life grows more and more complicated. While danger lurks, she must learn to survive it all, in a time and place that is foreign to her. This story is captivating and full of eye-opening surprises as author, Diane Scott Lewis, weaves a tale that is compelling and engaging. The historical aspects are well researched, written and brilliantly assessed. She takes readers on an adventurous journey as they follow the life of the main character, Tamara Ledbetter. The character development is skillful and impressive. They are well developed with interesting personalities that readers will immediately connect with and relate to. I was intrigued by Tamara’s predicament and whether she would be able to conform to life in 1789, Cornwall, England, or return to her modern day life that she was so used to.
Beyond the Fall is a multidimensional story that all sorts of readers will certainly enjoy. The descriptive writing is fabulous and had me on the scene feeling like I was actually there in England during the French Revolution, the grain riots and the miners that were out of work. The clothing and settings are clearly and vividly described and I was very captivated with it all. I couldn’t put this book down and turned the pages quickly and late into the night. This book will be a favorite for time-travel, romance enthusiasts and Chick Lit Café highly recommends it. It is an original work of fiction written with a unique and extraordinary voice. Diane Scott Lewis is an exceptional writer and I am eagerly looking forward to reading more of her amazing books.
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The Last Mermaid Princess by Lily Lewis - Book Review

The Last Mermaid Princess by Lily Lewis
Lily Chaidee was never at home with herself, her family, or her geography, and as a hybrid-Asian growing up in the Texas Panhandle during the 1960’s, she was ill-equipped to face the challenges that would inevitably come. Amarillo, an inhospitable place for an ethnically diverse family, was only part of the problem. Mental illness, sexual predation, addiction, domestic violence, and hypocrisy lay formidable difficulties in her path. But Lily was smart, and smart people often find ways to triumph over horrific circumstances. Even if she could claim her joy, sometimes the worst enemy dwells within. Lily must seek her peace and her place in order to rise above the things that bind her.
The Last Mermaid Princess by Lily Lewis recounts a compelling story that begins with coming of age in the 1970’s when all of the hot topic issues in the news today were minimized and quickly brushed aside. The good ole boy mentality of West Texas perpetuated a culture of hypocrisy and marginalization of both women and minorities. Lily Lewis goes on to weave a exquisitely dark account of the tiny tragedies that a dysfunctional family and toxic community can perpetuate endlessly. The character portrayed evokes powerful empathy and affection  from readers yet causes them to despise her for the destruction she creates.
One of the biggest takeaways from The Last Mermaid Princess is the idea that we are all flawed and fighting our own battle to be the best version of ourselves possible. Being a survivor and overcoming insurmountable odds is a recurring theme that will resonate with most readers. There are messages about the very nature of the human experience. We are not one dimensional beings but complex multi dimensional creatures. The blurred lines between right and wrong, good guys and bad guys, black and white are explored with the idea that there are many shades of gray that color our world. Somewhere in all the chaos, we must learn to not only forgive other but to forgive ourselves.
Lily Lewis has a gift for words coupled with searing honesty and intimate revelations  that will hold readers close throughout the book. Just when something seems too much to bear, the power of the words will carry readers to and through to the next chapter. The story will bring out almost every imaginable emotion and be almost cathartic in the process. I wept, I laughed, and I longed for more when I reached the last page. The way the story is told is almost as important as the story itself. A story that tells the power of grace, the importance of hope, the need for forgiveness, and the unbreakable bonds of family. Lewis is one of the most evocative and prolific writers I have encountered in some time. The Last Mermaid Princess will take you on a wild ride that will stay with you for a long, long time.
Reviewed by P. Sithsouravong – Pan Asian Book Club
Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends The Last Mermaid Princess by Lily Lewis
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Mistress Suffragette by Diana Forbes

Mistress Suffragette by Diana Forbes
Manhattan Novelist Awarded The Garcia Memorial Prize for Best Fiction Book of the Year:
Diana Forbes wins prestigious honor for her debut novelMistress Suffragette
AUSTIN, TEXAS – Manhattan novelist Diana Forbes has been awarded The Garcia Memorial Prize for her debut novel, Mistress SuffragetteAn annual award presented in conjunction with the national Reader Views Book Awards, The Garcia Memorial Prize is awarded to the best fiction book of the year.
Sex and the Suffrage movement collide in Diana Forbes’s debut novel, Mistress Suffragette. Abrilliantly crafted work of historical fiction that unfolds against the backdrop of Manhattan’s Gilded Age, Mistress Suffragette has earned high critical praise. In a Starred review, Kirkus calls Mistress Suffragette “a sprightly, winning historical novel.” San Francisco Review of Books reports “writing of this quality is rare…a very welcome debut.” New Theory Magazine notes: “the plight of the clever main character, Penelope, has a timelessness that every 21st century woman will recognize.”
About Mistress SuffragetteSheltered but feisty Penelope Stanton, growing up in Gilded Age, Newport, Rhode Island is tarnished by her father’s bankruptcy during the Panic of 1893.Penelopequickly attracts the unwanted advances of a villainous millionaire banker who preys on distressed women. After she flees him to nearby Boston, Penelope, by necessity, becomes a paid public speaker in the early women’s suffrage movement. Now she’s speaking out on women’s issues from Boston to New York. But will her disastrous choices in love unravel everything she’s fighting for? In the glittering age where a woman’s reputation is her most valuable possession, Penelope will be forced to discover her hidden reserves of courage and tenacity—and she’ll have to decide whether to compromise her principles for love.
A mesmerizing tale that blends elements of history, romance, and women’s fiction, Mistress Suffragette is a beautifully-written novel that will stay with readers long after the final page is turned. Meticulously plotted and brimming with multi-dimensional characters that spring to life within the novel’s pages, Mistress Suffragette leads readers on a rich, rewarding journey to a time long past. An extraordinary novel by an extraordinary writer, Mistress Suffragette is a timeless, unforgettable tale.
According to Susan Violante, editor of Reader Views, “We were overwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of entries in this year’s Reader Views Literary Awards. This year’s awards program featured numerous outstanding works of fiction. Mistress Suffragette by Diana Forbes was a true standout. This incredible novel has it all: excellent writing, a mesmerizing storyline, and memorable, realistic characters. Mistress Suffragette is an exemplary work of fiction and it is our honor to recognize this title as recipient of the Garcia Memorial Prize for Fiction.”
Diana Forbes is a 9th generation American, with ancestors on both sides of the Civil War. Diana Forbes lives and writes in Manhattan. When she is not cribbing chapters, Diana Forbes loves to explore the buildings where her 19th century American ancestors lived, loved, survived and thrived.Visit Diana Forbes online at: www.DianaForbesNovels.com
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Sisters In Law by Sylvia Mulholland - Book Review

Sisters In Law by Sylvia Mulholland
Three women lawyers—partners in mid-career at the same small firm—have very different takes on work versus personal life. There’s Kali, married and the mother of two—like a train running on multiple tracks, she juggles family, marriage, home and career. There’s Jada—powerful, sexy, single, and embroiled in a workplace romance that’s ending on a very sour note. And then there’s single mom, Gillian, doing her creative writing in any scrap of time she can find: dreaming about quitting law and living the life of an artist, once her troubled teenage daughter gets her life on track. But when a horrible tragedy shatters the firm, the women must pull together to pick up the pieces. As they do, they discover some strange and startling truths about each other, and even more, about the men they’ve been partners with for years. In an effort to right the ship and get the firm back on course, Kali throws a lingerie-tea-shower for the young law student engaged to marry the senior partner, unaware of the minefield of social etiquette she’ll be obliged to navigate. The tea party doesn’t quite go quite as planned, but it certainly does go off—with dramatic and hilarious consequences.
Hilarious, quirky and entertaining!
Sisters In Law by Sylvia Mulholland is one interesting and delightful read. In it, we have three womenlawyers trying to navigate their work, personal and family lives. Each of them so different from one another, yet they have a kindred like friendship, and work together as lawyers at the law firm of Biltmore, Durham and Spears. First there is Jada Tyler, a single, stylish, beauty that is in a relationship which is soon to end, with a colleague at the firm. Next there is Gillian, a hippyish, creative writer in her spare time, waiting to get her novel published, while tackling her only child, her teenage daughter. Last, but not least, there is conservative Kali, married with two children, managing a hectic life of career and family. These three women’s lives are more than interesting, filled with trials, interpersonal relationships and amusement. When a few of the male lawyers board a small plane headed to Catalina island for the firm’s annual tie-swap party, things go terribly wrong and tragedy strikes. What follows is an eventful story filled with assorted romances, intrigue, mystery and certainly a lot of laughs.
Sisters In Law is an unputdownable fun filled read that had me captivated from the very first chapter. Sylvia Mulholland has created quite a few memorable, rather quirky and somewhat eccentric characters in this fabulous story. They are fully developed with complicated lives, interesting personalities and peculiarities. I could completely relate and found myself connecting with the three main characters, the women lawyers. Their struggles with work versus family lives and their personal relationships are undeniably true to life. Sylvia Mulholland, with her instinctive writing style, has managed to put a delightful, humorous spin on their complex and sometimes confusing lives. I fully enjoyed each of their individual storylines and the way the author intricately tied them all together.
The descriptive language of the settings, food and situations had me on the scene fully engaged all the way from the start of the book to the very satisfying conclusion. As a practicing lawyer with her own law firm, Sylvia Mulholland gives readers a first-hand glimpse into the inner workings of a law firm. With this fun and original story, she addresses the challenges that women face managing a career and family life, while trying to do it all. She writes with much humor and empathy. There are many twists and turns that I didn’t see coming and overall I was fully entertained as I found myself laughing throughout this sensational read. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends Sisters In Law to all avid women readers!
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Earth Quarantined by D.L. Richardson - Book Review

Earth Quarantined (Earth Quarantined Book 1) by D.L. Richardson
When the virus which killed millions of people is gone, humanity lives in a planet-wide quarantine enforced by an alien species.
The year is 2355. The deadly virus that killed millions of people is gone, thanks to the quarantine measures put in place by the Criterion, an alien species who appeared just in time to save the human race. In exchange for complying with their tough control measures, the Criterion promised us the technology for interstellar travel. We’ve done all they’ve asked, yet we’re still on Earth with no way of getting into deep space. The Criterion are lying to us. What they don’t know is that we’re lying to them…
Kethryn Miller is an award-winning actress, but nothing will prepare her for the role she’ll take on when a strange woman who shouldn’t be alive turns up in the city, threatening to expose the lies that have kept peace on Earth for 200 years.
Earth Quarantined is book one in the Earth Quarantined trilogy
Earth Arrested – Book 2 is coming soon
Earth Reclaimed – Book 3 is coming soon
Earth Quarantined by D. L. Richardson is a fantastic futuristic science fiction novel that is filled with twists and turns and will have readers turning the pages quickly in anticipation while being totally enthralled and entertained.
A deadly virus kills millions of humans, but is now gone thanks to the intervention of the Criterion, an alien race that set up a system and quarantined the entire planet. They promised to give their secret into interstellar planet travel, but after years have passed, they have failed to keep their intended promise. The Criterion continued to stay and control the planet and kept people in colonized segments know as states. They stayed to help rebuild the planet and keep peace among the population. They also put restraints upon the humans to control the population.  Because of these strict measures of intervention and control, many people live underground in secret cities where they are working on a solution to getting humans off the earth and into space. What follows is an exciting story filled with action as the benevolent Criterion and the humans fight to achieve their own specific agendas. The secret contact between the groups of separated people, how they sometimes work together, and their independent struggles on how they deal with the alien rulers, is what drives the plot and story forward.
Earth Quarantined is an outstanding story that science fiction lovers will revel in. The world building is extraordinary with descriptive writing that shines through on every page. The characters are both realistic and relatable. I really felt for the woman that was intended to be the nominal leader for the human race and her inevitable struggles. Readers will be rooting for certain characters at one moment, then doubting them the next. The characterization of the aliens is enthralling and complete. There is nothing missing in this thrilling story. This makes for great storytelling.
Earth Quarantined is unpredictable and extremely engaging. I was fully captivated by the futuristic world that D.L. Richardson has creatively built. The premise and plot are deep and resound with intrigue and fascination. Readers will find Earth Quarantined to be compelling, thought provoking and gripping. The conclusion is outstanding, came as a surprise and is left open for a sequel. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends Earth Quarantined by D. L. Richardson. Get yourself a copy of this must read one-of-a-kind science fiction novel.
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Beauty in the Breakdown by Beth Childress

Beauty in the Breakdown by Beth Childress
You don’t have to hide anymore … there is hope. I had secrets … so many secrets … and they were corroding my inner being. How could I keep living in so much shame – shame that forced me to hide behind the masks that I constructed; masks that started as a mere screen to diffuse my inner pain then grew thicker until I had no idea who I really was. Every day became a masquerade.
Hating who I was, who I had become, I concealed the complexity of my mental illness in just about every way imaginable. But one day, I began searching for answers as to why I had run so far away from the person I once knew and actually liked: myself.
Beauty in the Breakdown is written for those I haven’t met but whose struggles I’ve likely encountered through the stories of others I have met – some of whose suffering has reached life-threatening depths.
It’s hard to face the truth, to look into the mirror and see who you really are. However, this book will offer real hope to do just that. By sharing my struggles, torments, fears and ultimate breakthrough, my hope is that you – or someone you know – will find solace, strength and courage to step outside of your own “hideouts” and to step out from behind your masks. Doing so will help you or a loved one become the person you/they were truly meant to be.
Welcome to my journey.
Beauty in the Breakdown is a heartbreaking, yet inspiring story of the author’s, Beth Childress, personal passage and discovery of her mental illness and her journey to wholeness. In her telling book, she talks about learning of the root causes, such as: psychological, spiritual, emotional, moral and even physical issues and more, which all contributed to her mental illness. After living as a Christian for ten years, Beth made a decision that was contrary to her spiritual beliefs and it caused her to have a mental breakdown. She then filled the void with damaging things and undertakings and made bad choices, all of which became her new god. Because she was now living in direct contrast to her inner beliefs, and held many secrets, she spiraled downward and began to isolate herself. But, even though it was a terrible time in her life, she eventually discovered herself, her faith and her God again. Through her experiences, she affirms that there is truly an unspeakable Beauty in The Breakdown. Hers is a story of suffering, deceit and mental anguish and finally to, emotional stability and completeness, leading to peace and joy.
Beauty in the Breakdown is the story of one woman’s journey from mental illness to reconnecting with God and ultimately becoming mentally and emotionally whole again. It truly is inspirational as she encourages others and lends compassion and understanding to those who are suffering themselves. She talks about the complexities of mental illness and offers much hope to those in need. Having experienced the hardship of a broken life and mind, and met with recovery for herself, she now has the knowledge and insights to help others. This book is also about the many people she encountered that helped her in many ways. These stories are interesting and very eye-opening.
With empathy and concern for people who are living a life of shame, pain and despair, Beth Childress sheds light and helps others to understand that they are not alone and that there is hope, especially with God. She shares her own anguish, struggles and fears, all the way, to her ensuing breakthrough. Her sincere desire is that others will realize and find comfort, strength and boldness to come out from their hiding places and unshed their masks and ultimately become the person they were meant to be. Beth Childress takes readers by the hand and becomes a true friend and compassionate mentor.
She is a gifted writer, a mental health advocate, a little quirky and has an ear that listens to those who are suffering. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends this impactful book, and I truly believe that Beauty in the Breakdown, will help the many people that are struggling with mental illness and break the cycle of destructive behaviors they sometimes have.
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Talon, Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer - Book Review

Talon, Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer
An inspirational, highly emotional and entertaining read for all ages
This book is a lovely adventure with an amazing heroine. Matica is a strong, brave girl, who battles with her handicap and how others view her. But this isn’t a story only about her gaining acceptance or overcoming her challenges. Rather, it’s a tale packed full of exciting moments and tons of emotions. Matica comes across naturally as does the village and world around her. It’s beautifully set and an easy landscape to dive into.
The way the author revealed each situation is fun to read and it made one anxious to see what’s next. Acceptance was eloquently woven into the story without being blatant. And the other thing I learned was that when certain things happen, you don’t always know why and just maybe something goodwill come of it.
Talon Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer is an inspirational, engaging and thoughtful must read story. It follows the story of a little nine year old girl whose parents are missionaries in the small village of Pucara, Peru. Matica, finds making friends with the local kids to be difficult. Matica has a condition that has hindered her growth, so she is extremely small like that of a two year old. The local Indians and villagers, don’t understand her and are leery and mistrustful of her.
Then Matica comes upon two condors, a male and a female. She is able to win their trust and begins to mysteriously communicate with them. Her adventure has begun. The condor’s egg is stolen by poachers and Matica and her father set out to rescue it, and they are successful. With the condor’s approval, Matica takes care of the precious egg. When the egg hatches, Matica becomes a substitute mother to the baby condor and names it, Talon. The local’s observe the success Matica has had with the condors, and they begin to warm up to her. Eventually, tiny Matica, becomes a well-liked, admired and respected part of the community.
Talon, Come Fly with Me by Gigi Sedlmayer is filled with warmth and inspiration. It is a touching story about a nine year girl that overcomes her disability and uses it for something extraordinary. Her love for nature changes her life and it becomes meaningful and purposeful for her. Her disability is no longer a hindrance or something to be ashamed of.
Gigi Sedlmayer has woven a tapestry of beauty, harmony and excitement in her fabulous story. It is filled with intrigue and even some suspense. I loved it and couldn’t put it down and read it late into the night to find out what would happen next. It brought a feeling of serenity to my soul. I loved the tale of the giant magnificent condors, coupled with the human interaction. It is just a beautiful story that adults and children will both enjoy. It will be fully entertaining for the entire family.
I believe that Talon, Come Fly with Me should be a reading requirement in schools. It is full of emotion and love with important messages throughout. The exemplary descriptive writing had me on the beautiful scene watching on as the story unfolded. Gigi Sedlmayer is an excellent writer with a unique voice. This story is original, genuine and compelling. Artisan Book Reviews highly recommends it to all readers. It is a page-turner and a must read magical tale for everyone that likes clean, thoughtful and exciting reads about animals and extraordinary people.
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It’s Just Your Imagination by Revital Shiri-Horowitz

It’s Just Your Imagination: Growing Up with a Narcissistic Mother – Insights of a Personal Journey by Revital Shiri-Horowitz
Pinnacle Award Winning “It`s Just Your Imagination” is the book you want to read when you are looking to find some answers: Have you always sensed something wasn’t quite right in your life, but couldn’t pinpoint the cause? Have you always felt controlled and manipulated by those closest to you? Were you raised by a mother whose main priority was set on herself? Were you constantly told by that mother, “It`s only your imagination” when you questioned her?
If the answer is yes, then this is the book you want to read. “Your mother will always love you, no matter what.” “Whatever you do, your mother will always be on your side.” We’ve all heard these phrases about motherhood. If this describes the mother you grew up with, then count yourself as one of the lucky ones and read this book to learn more about narcissism. If not, this book can help you. It can also help your loved ones understand you and your emotional state. It`s Just Your Imagination explores what it’s like to grow up with a mother who insists on putting herself at the center of every situation. This book gives you the tools to live a pain-free life if you were raised by a narcissistic mother. This first-hand account of my personal journey offers a vicarious understanding of maternal narcissism and its implications. With the aid of supporting psychological studies, you will learn how you, too, can overcome the challenges of growing up in a household driven by narcissism. It`s Just Your Imagination was my mother’s mantra throughout my life. Whenever I confronted her about her abusive and manipulative behavior toward me, she always had the same response: “It’s just your imagination.” If this sounds familiar, I invite you to join me on the journey through grief, loss, understanding, and forgiveness, and to find the healing and personal strength that awaits us at the end of the path.
It’s Just Your Imagination by Revital Shiri-Horowitz is a touching story of the author’s own life growing up with a narcissistic and selfish mother. It details her experiences and reveals her own, very personal and private, revelations and confessions. Her journey from being broken and damaged, to healing and recovery, is a remarkable story that everyone must read.
Revital Shiri-Horowitz is an incredible writer and woman that has suffered much pain and distress. With tedious determination to heal from, the unavoidable, harm and devastation placed upon her by a narcissistic mother, she has now become a compassionate and successful woman. This book is extremely inspiring and will help other women that are daughters of narcissistic mothers. It will enable them to search out help, and do the important work required, to go from despair and dysfunction to hope, wholeness and joy.
Recognizing the narcissistic person can be difficult, but Revital explains it well and emphasizes that a child knows when there is something wrong. Their mother doesn’t support them, and instead, it’s all about the mother and her own selfish needs. I grew up with a narcissistic mother, myself, and could relate to this entire book. I was able to glean from it and had many “ah-ha” moments while reading it. It has given me the courage, knowledge and understanding that I need to confront my own issues, and desire to work through them to become whole, strong and happy.
Written with sensitivity and emotion, Revital, opens her heart in hopes to help others. I commend her for her honesty and ability to enlighten readers. She brings the knowledge, steps and tips to overcome the effects from being raised by a narcissistic mother, and to guide others as adults and parents.
With courage and strength, she has shared her journey of growth with the world and exposed many secrets and personal sufferings. This book must have been hard to write and I thank her for doing so. It is a subject that needs to come to light and will give inspiration and hope to so many. The ideas and discussions expressed are intelligent, clear and concise and is clearly based on much research. But it is accompanied by the author’s telling of her own aching and painful memories which led me to tears and sorrow at many points.
I believe, It’s Just Your Imagination, is a must read for everyone because it will give light to our own behavior towards others and our children. It will help those who have suffered from the words and actions of a narcissistic parent. It’s not just in your head, it is really happening. Highly recommended by Artisan Book Reviews!
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