~Creating a Beautiful Home~

Homemaking is an art! 
It takes dedication, planning and creativity. It is fun, fulfilling and, yes, sometimes frustrating! 
My number one rule for homemaking is, "keep it simple!" With several years under my belt as a faithful homemaker, I hope to share some of my secrets and tips on creating a beautiful & cozy home. 

Whether you are married with children or single, having a comfortable, charming and unique home is not only satisfying, but an important part of womanhood. 

We hope to inspire you, as well as, teach you, especially if you are new to the long lost art of homemaking. Follow me as we journey through life, one decor idea at a time, one chore at a time, one recipe at a time.

Get yourself a notebook and take notes. I like to use a three ring binder and add the subject tabs to divide it into categories. This is especially helpful for new homemakers and is a key ingredient to running a functional home. 

If you are organized, you will feel less overwhelmed, and able to do much more than if you are stressed out. 

Remember, we don't have to be super moms, and over achieving homemakers, in order to have a beautiful, organized and inviting home. So, rule number one is "keep it simple." Rule number two is "stay organized." We will discuss ways to get and stay organized for each and every room and task. 

Please share this blog with your friends daughters and grand-daughters, and especially the domestically challenged ones. Check back often, as we are going to be adding new and exciting content. 

I personally have not only done the time as a wife, mother, and homemaker, but I have also done the research. So, stick with me because I am going to show you how to do everything faster, better, cheaper and funner! 
From finding those hard to find decor items for creating a cottage home, to finding the best deals on just about anything, to how to speed clean when dear mother in-law announces she is a block away and stopping by! And speaking of mother in-laws, we will have tips on managing them to! LOL!

Put on some coffee, or have a cup of your favorite tea. Grab your notebook and your favorite pen, relax and join in as we begin.