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You have worked hard and poured yourself into your new novel. It's dear to your heart. We understand how important your work is to you. We are here to help you get the exposure your book needs. We believe that writers connect with readers directly through their very books and writings. But that will only happen if readers can find you. With so many Indie and accomplished writers out there, how do you make yourself present online? It can be very nerve wracking and frustrating endeavor.

Creating an online presence and connecting on a more personal level is an entirely different mountain to climb. In order to sell books, gain followers and "connect" with your readers, you must get online and work it. You must be everywhere on the net, and that takes time, effort and the know how. And who has time to tackle that monster?

Faithful Cafe will do it for you. We have multiple online connections, and sister sites. We have multiple social media accounts with numerous followers, and belong to several book forums like Goodreads, Library Thing and GoRead. We also market on Amazon. We are a contributor to different news magazines online.
We write for and post our book reviews on, and They have millions of followers combined. We also add your book to The more sites your book is featured on, the more of a strong presence you will have.

When we set out to create a presence for our writers we get the job done.
We do it right. No wasted time or effort. We know exactly where to go and whom to connect with.
What is your goal? To sell books right? To get your work in the hands of avid readers.
In order to sell books and become famous, you not only need talent, but you also need to be saturating the internet with your presence and your books need to be put right in front of readers.

Get in touch with Chick Lit Cafe and we will do the hard work of getting you known.
The rest will be up to you. You can concentrate on writing.

Book reviews and marketing for established and indie authors on a budget. That's what we specialize in.
Contact us today for details.

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