The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction

                                                                           By Jeff Gerke

Artist and Craftsman As a Christian novelist, you're both. You know the soaring creativity of the Creator and the serious discipline of the artisan. And you feel the impulse to excel in each. So grab a steaming mug of your favorite hot drink and come learn the art and craft of Christian fiction from one of its master teachers. You'll learn: How to find your story amidst all your ideas How to bring your characters onstage the first time How to convert your telling into showing How to handle profane characters in Christian fiction How to use the dumb puppet trick How to write for the (approving) audience of One The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction is the complete school of fiction from Jeff Gerke, popular writer's conference teacher, professional book doctor, and Christian novelist. It includes and expands upon his influential Fiction Writing Tip of the Week column at ** Christy Award-winning editor Jeff Gerke entered the Christian fiction publishing industry as a novelist. Under the pen name Jefferson Scott, Jeff has had six of his Christian novels published. He has served on the editorial staff of Multnomah, Strang Communications, and NavPress. Novels that Jeff has edited or acquired have won multiple Book of the Year awards. He is the founder and publisher of Marcher Lord Press